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Food Network's Best Food in America

New York Winners

Food Network Best Food in New York Food Network Best Food in New York

Cheesecake was part of the world’s culinary canon long before the towering metropolis of New York City staked its claim — cakes of soft cheese go all the way back to ancient Greece. However, an American created the breakthrough that would become New York Cheesecake. In an attempt to replicate French Neufchatel cheese, a man named William Lawrence of Chester, New York, stumbled upon an even richer and creamier un-ripened result. That cream cheese became the base for New York's simple cheesecake (along with cream, eggs and sugar), which grew in popularity through the early 20th century. The most-venerable rendition came out of the Junior’s kitchen in downtown Brooklyn in 1950, resulting in a dense, smooth and almost pungent dessert that still attracts fans from throughout the region and around the world.
Juniors Restaurant

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