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Junior's Cheesecake Fall Giveaway

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National Cheesecake Day 2020

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day On Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Juniors NCD_Giveaway 2020-first

Juniors NCD_Giveaway 2020-Posters[2]

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A Message to Our Loyal Patrons

Juniors restaurant

To our Valued Patrons:

Throughout our 70 years on the corner of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, you could always rely on Junior’s. Our restaurant has seen many trying times, though none quite like this. As of Friday, June 26th, our Brooklyn location is open for bakery items and takeout (special menu). All of our other restaurants will be closed for the safety of our family of employees and our family of guests to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our bakery outlet in Burlington, NJ is still open everyday. See our website for hours. Our website is still always open to order cheesecake via UPS.

Our family at Junior’s wishes all New Yorkers, all Americans, as well as all citizens of the world, the best of health during these difficult times. Please hold your loved ones close. Stay strong. We hope to reopen soon when we can all celebrate the return to our normal lives together at Junior’s.

Check back for more details or stay tuned to our social media for updates. Thanks so much for your support. We miss you!

In good health,
Alan Rosen and the entire Junior's Family

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Junior's Anniversary--Tuesday November 5th


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Get a look at the neighborhoods of the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half: Mile 4 takes us passed the iconic Junior's Restaurant and Bakery on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

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Junior's Birthday Club

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May 27th is Junior's Restaurant Day!

Juniors Restaurant

Junior's Restaurant founder, Harry Rosen, at the reopening of Junior's Restaurant on May 27th 1982, with Governor Mario Cuomo, celebrating Junior's Restaurant Day.

This isn’t a national food holiday, but it is something for New Yorkers to celebrate! May 27th is Junior’s Restaurant Day, a day celebrating that famous cheesecake heaven in downtown Brooklyn. Although it feels like the restaurant has been around since forever, it’s only been in operation in Brooklyn since 1950, when Harry Rosen opened the restaurant and named it after his two sons. Since then it’s been a staple of Brooklyn cuisine, a place that exemplifies the food and the spirit of Brooklyn: simple, inexpensive dining, no frills or fanciness, but some damn good flavors and a hearty dessert while you’re at it. As some like to call it, "The World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake." In 1982, Governor Mario Cuomo declared May 27 as Junior’s Restaurant Day.

Juniors Restaurant

The day was marked to celebrate the reopening of Junior's Restaurant after the historic fire destroyed the top floor of the restaurant and the 'Burgundy Room' in August of 1981.  During the fire, onlookers on Flatbush Avenue gathered and chanted "Save the Cheesecake! Save the Cheesecake!"


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Food Network's Best Food in America

New York Winners

Food Network Best Food in New York Food Network Best Food in New York

Cheesecake was part of the world’s culinary canon long before the towering metropolis of New York City staked its claim — cakes of soft cheese go all the way back to ancient Greece. However, an American created the breakthrough that would become New York Cheesecake. In an attempt to replicate French Neufchatel cheese, a man named William Lawrence of Chester, New York, stumbled upon an even richer and creamier un-ripened result. That cream cheese became the base for New York's simple cheesecake (along with cream, eggs and sugar), which grew in popularity through the early 20th century. The most-venerable rendition came out of the Junior’s kitchen in downtown Brooklyn in 1950, resulting in a dense, smooth and almost pungent dessert that still attracts fans from throughout the region and around the world.
Juniors Restaurant

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Junior's Traditions Contest

4309 Traditions contest

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Junior's Ultimate Cheesecake Giveaway

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In celebration of the holidays, we are giving away one cheesecake everyday in the month of December until Christmas! Enter now and share with your friends. *By entering you are subscribing to our newsletter and will be sent periodic specials and coupons!

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Congrats to all of our winners to date:

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