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34 Famous Foods Invented in America, USA Today

34 famous foods invented in America

While the exact origins of New York-style cheesecake are unknown, Brooklyn diner Junior’s, which has been serving up slices of the dense, creamy cake since 1950, is perhaps the city’s best-known purveyor.  Of all the by-products of America's crazy-quilt cultural heritage, perhaps none are so fiercely cherished as our culinary inventions. Some of our most beloved national dishes were born when immigrants, missing the tastes of their homeland, applied Old World cooking techniques to the ingredients available in their adopted country. Some represent a desire to pioneer brand new culinary territory, while others are a reflection of the insatiable national appetite for the extreme. Browse the gallery above to explore 30 famous American food inventions that came straight out of domestic restaurants, from simple-but-sublime dinner rolls to over-the-top flaming cheese.USA Today 8.16.15