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A Gun Buyback, Sponsored by Junior’s

Junior's Cheesecake is participating in a sponsored Gun Buyback for New York City.

“I’ve been in New York my whole life, and I don’t remember a time where I’ve heard about this many shootings,” said Rosen, who was unable to attend the buyback in person — he was recovering from COVID-19 — but spoke with me on the phone the day before the event. Explaining that he felt “enough’s enough,” Rosen reached out to Mayor Eric Adams’s office, through which he connected with the NYCPF and the Brooklyn DA’s office.

Originally, he had offered to host the event at Junior’s before being informed that’s not how gun buybacks are run. “Being a good restaurant today to me is not enough,” said Rosen, who helped grow Junior’s national profile in part by selling cheesecake on QVC. “If you’re part of a community, which we are, you have an obligation to do something.”

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